Android Games Development

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Basic Android games can usually be designed and developed t quickly based on an idea, a trend or just a gap in the market that you spotted o reach a wider number of audiences through easily accessible and intuitive game play from kids to grandparents, it’s all available at the touch of your fingers

With Mobicost developing your games and apps for the iPhone and the Android Platform you will be involved from the design to development and launch. Your idea’s can be transformed into a fully functioning and playable game within a week

Mobicost’s app development team’s are from different backgrounds and nationalities, all the team members are skilled in developing on the Android SDK and are experienced designers and developers with a minimum of two years experience developing for the Android platforms and they are able to pull of simple game development to full fledged studio quality gaming.


Why develop games on the Android platform?


The Android has a huge and growing market due to the deep penetration into most smart phones being poured onto the market by handset makers such as Samsung and HTC, the Addroid platform has the potential to explode into the dominant smart phone OS and shown huge growth in its user base from North America to China in the past couple of years steadily overtaking the iOS market.

Mobicost is capable of:

  • Turning your idea into a game
  • Most Android device compatibile
  • Beautiful Design and Smooth Graphics
  • Cross platform option

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